Build Your Own Custom Handrail System

Our Custom Railing System Builder Let's You Engineer the Exact Design You Envision - Coming Soon!

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first:Select a Railing System

Whether you want to build a classic geometric look or a modernist style, the railing system you choose is an essential component of bringing your design to life. Regardless of the HDI handrail you choose, you can depend on renowned stainless steel strength in every system.

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second:Select Your Ideal Railing & Infill

Individualize your railing system with top railing and infill options that highlight your design's unique decor. Next to the handrail you choose, the infill has the greatest influence on the character of your railing system.

Our infill selection allows you to find the ideal option to suit the style you want with the function you can rely on. Choose between tempered glass, stainless steel rails, woven steel cables, and sturdy steel panels to give your railing system the perfect center.

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third:Choose Parts & Features

Continue to create a unique railing system for your project by choosing from our wide variety of parts and features. These options can enhance the utility and visual of your system.

Select the fasteners, secondary handrails, LED lighting, rail endings and more from a diverse parts catalog. Each of these parts and features contributes to the stylistic statement of your railing system as you bring it to life.

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fourth:Calculate Your Estimate

After you've made all your selections, enter your installation's calculations into our one-of-a-kind railing system calculator. It will determine the recommended amount of railing system parts you will need for your project.

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fifth:Add to Your Cart

Review your custom railing system estimate and ensure that it meets your project requirements. Then all that's left to do is add the system to your cart and place your order.

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Lastly:Shipped right to you!

Once you have placed your order, our railing system experts will ship your uniquely engineered railing system right to your work site.

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Have Questions? We are Here to Help.
Oftentimes, the first step towards creating the ideal railing system is a conversation with HDI’s expert consultants. Wherever you are in the design process, we’re happy to discuss your HDI railing system.