inox™ Elevating the Cadet Ice Arena


The Cadet Ice Arena at the U.S. Air Force Academy, undergoing renovation since 2018, showcases American quality and innovation. Since 1968, the Cadet Ice Arena has been a cornerstone of the Air Force Academy, but its facilities needed to be updated to meet NCAA Division I standards. Modernizing the arena required updating locker rooms, lounge areas, lighting, railings, and ensuring energy efficiency through geothermal power systems for the ice chillers.

Railing System: inox™ railing system
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Architect: US Army
Contractor: Tutor Perini

Updating an arena that has remained untouched for decades is a task as monumental as the facility itself. Leading this ambitious project is Tutor Perini, a firm renowned for leveraging over a century of experience to transform and execute complex projects with strategic precision and unwavering commitment.

Client Insight

Jacob from Tutor Perini reflects on the project’s progression: “Our experience with HDI has been great and successful. We’ve completed three phases of their inox™ railing. It enhances areas from the exposed stairwell to the press box above the hockey rink, and the fieldhouse overlook seating. Throughout USAFA’s Cadet Field House, these improvements have been met with satisfaction from our clients. HDI has been a pleasure to work with.”

Modern Style meets Safety

The twin stainless steel bars of the railing, surrounding the spectator areas, showcase modern design and serve as a critical safety function. Here, the railing system not only complements the architectural heritage but enriches the viewer’s experience. The inox™ railing system stands as a silent guardian over the jubilant echoes of hockey fans.

The renovation of the Cadet Ice Arena not only enhances the space for the Falcon hockey team and its supporters but also showcases premier functionality and sleek design. The newly installed inox™ railings enhance essential aspects of safety, visual appeal, and universal access, reflecting the core values the venue upholds.