Circum™ Elevates Covenant Commons

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Imagine a space where every design element, right down to the railings, makes a statement. In Dallas, Texas, we at HDI Railings didn’t merely aim to meet the architectural standards for the Covenant Commons project; we aspired to redefine them. We set out not just to create another railing system but to craft a transformative concept, blending design with the built environment, and setting a new benchmark for future designs.

Since our inception in 2002, we’ve positioned HDI Railing Systems at the forefront of both modular and ornamental railing solutions, adorning venues from airports to universities. We offer more than just products; our integrated service ranges from tailored engineering solutions to initiatives that champion LEED credits. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence made us the top choice for MPI Architects for the Covenant Commons project in Dallas.

Railing System: Circum™ railing system
Location: Dallas, TX
Architect: MPI Architects
Contractor: Skiles Group


The Task


In the architectural landscape, we often confront two significant challenges: pressing deadlines and tight cost constraints. Coupled with the well-known delays from city and county permit offices, these challenges intensify. For the Covenant Commons project, our goal wasn’t merely to craft a visually appealing railing system; we aimed to design one that seamlessly married aesthetics with efficiency, ensuring timely completion without compromising quality or budget.

Amid these challenges, our Circum Round railing system emerged as a beacon of innovation. This railing wasn’t just about aesthetics; it symbolized a harmonious blend of elegance, functionality, and value. As Gary Owen of MPI Architects aptly put it, “In conjunction with the Owner, Interior Designer, and Contractor, we chose HDI for its striking appearance, ease of construction, and the unparalleled value it added to the project.”


Precision in Detail


We meticulously crafted every aspect of the railing system. The 1.5″ diameter white oak, perfected with a stain, beautifully offset the 9/16″ laminated PVB interlayer clear tempered glass infill. Each component wasn’t just functional; it was an artistic statement, ensuring our railing became a highlight of the building.


The Result


Our journey had its share of challenges. Yet, whenever the construction phase threw a curveball, we adapted and overcame it. As Gary Owen highlighted, “HDI was proactive and responsive in adjusting the rail attachment details.” The result was a railing system that not only met but exceeded expectations, carving a new niche in the industry.

This project transcended mere construction; it was a testament to our dedication to innovation, creativity, and setting unparalleled standards. Echoing our sentiments, Gary Owen remarked, “Thanks for delivering a rail that’s not just beautiful but masterfully installed.”

In addition to our full range of services, HDI ensures that projects are completed on time while sustaining overarching design goals. These services include sales and support, project coordination, field measuring, design, LEED compliance, and installation.

HDI would welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your next project. Please contact a regional sales manager today.


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