Circum™ Square Steps Up Lancaster Library’s Transformation

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In the heart of vibrant Lancaster City, the Lancaster Public Library stands as a cultural nexus, offering diverse services and hosting community events. Recently, the library embarked on an ambitious relocation and expansion project, aiming to create an inclusive environment that reflects the theme of “discover.”

Circum™ Square railing system

Railing System: Circum™ Square railing system
Location: Lancaster, PA
Architect: Hammel Assoc.
Contractor: Benchmark Construction

Creating an Inclusive and Exploratory Environment

One challenge was to design an interior that balances inclusivity, practicality, and durability. A crucial element was the installation of a secure and visually appealing railing system. It needed an attractive finish for the guardrails, posts, and components, along with a glass infill that enhances aesthetics and functionality. LED lights were also added to elevate visibility and elegance in the design, without compromising safety.

Circum™ Square installed on main staircase

Seamless Integration of Style and Strength

Efficient installation was a priority, aiming for shorter timelines and cost savings. The selected railing system had to seamlessly integrate with other design components, achieving a cohesive contemporary appearance. The open stair design with its matte black powder-coated stringers required a railing system comparable in style and strength.

Embracing Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility was another key consideration. The library sought sustainable practices by incorporating recycled glass in the railing system, contributing to energy efficiency and waste reduction. With its clear laminated glass infill, Circum™ Square accentuates Lancaster Public Library’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

HDI’s glass supplier recycles virtually all waste from its production process. Energy efficiency and waste reduction are tangible environmental benefits of this effort.

This innovative system met the library’s requirements for safety and aesthetics. Its matte black powder coating finish, laminated glass infill, and continuous linear LED lights combined durability and visual appeal. Moreover, the use of recycled glass infill demonstrated the library’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

With the help of HDI Railings and the Circum™ Square Railing System, the Lancaster Public Library achieved its vision of a transformed space that promotes discovery and community engagement while prioritizing safety and sustainability.

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