Meridian on First selects Kubit for Navy Yard Apartments

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Navy Yard Apartments

In the midst of a redevelopment renaissance, Meridian on First’s Navy Yard Apartments boast more than just being conveniently located in the heart of Washington, D.C. The historic area is quickly becoming a hub for architectural inspiration and a model for sustainable design. It is only natural that its building products follow suit – right down to the Navy Yard Apartments two-story lobby railings.

Railing System: Kubit railing system with matte black finish
Location: Washington DC
Architect: Hartman Design Group
Contractor: Paradigm Construction

Designed by Hartman Design Group and built by Paradigm Development, Meridian on First’s Navy Yard Apartments offer luxury living right in the heart of Washington, D.C. When it came to selecting the newly constructed lobby’s building materials, Hartman Design wanted a railing system that complemented the stunning two-story lobby with stadium-style seating. The end goal? An elegantly minimalist railing solution that matches the matte black stair risers and interior aesthetics without compromising security and durability.

To achieve a synchronized design, HDI applied a matte black finish to Kubit, one of their standard systems. Kubit railing system’s supports are based on a single rectangular profile used throughout the system from posts to wall mount supports, ensuring a coordinated minimalist design.

The infill of choice is laminated glass which supports the open design of the space and ensures a coordinated minimalist effect. Made of approximately 20% recycled glass, this glass known as cullet is introduced to new materials in the furnace to facilitate melting. It takes half the amount of energy to produce glass from cullet as it does to produce it from raw materials.

All HDI railing systems are fully assembled in our factory then deconstructed into the largest sections possible for practical shipping thereby ensuring the quickest, most time-efficient installation. HDI railing systems are built to exceed durability standards and as such HDI’s railings are a natural choice for LEED material requirements, which call for increased durability and low maintenance.

Installed in 2018 and with another phase in progress, HDI’s Meridian on First’s railing solution has delivered on the promise of offering absolute safety without compromising design. For Meridian on First, the stylishly designed apartments provide tenants with an exceptional egress to the city outside.

When building professionals need a railing system that can keep up with industry demands they turn to HDI Railings. HDI would welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your next project. Please contact a regional sales manager today.


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