Optik™ Selected by Eppstein Uhen Architects for Financial Facility

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In September 2022, the 5810 building was completed as the newest addition to the Campus of CUNA Mutual Financial Group. As the main gateway to CUNA Mutual Group’s headquarter campus, this building features a new dining facility, auditorium, customer exchange center, enclosed collaboration area, rooftop terrace, and monumental staircase featuring an Optik™ Boss railing system.

Railing System: Optik Boss™
Location: Madison, WI
Architect: Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA)
Contractor:  Lake City Glass

For the 5810 building’s four-story monumental staircase, EUA Architects selected HDI Railings to create a custom railing system. Optik™ Boss was side mounted to the staircase stringers utilizing four stainless steel bosses per infill panel supporting a clean and contemporary appearance.

Optik™ Boss side mounted to monumental staircase

Detail-driven design

In its north wing, the 5810 building features a glass atrium with a monumental staircase linking all floors. Featuring SGP interlayer, laminated glass is on all atrium balconies and stair railings, making them the most secure glass infill option present on the market. Additionally, natural light floods through the monumental staircase as a result of the Optik™ railing systems’ clear glass infill. With discreet hardware, the Optik™ Boss and Shoe balustrades provide the illusion of “suspended glass”, which complements the bright and open staircase.

Optik Shoe™ overlooking atrium

Details tell the story of a space, at HDI we are passionate about collaborating and conversing with our clients. As a turn-key operation, it allows us to make rapid, responsive revisions that result in custom railing system solutions. The customer expressed the need for the visually impaired to be able to access and negotiate the stairs in the 5810 building.

Optik™ Railing System installed on Monumental Staircase

Engineering inclusivity

A tactile indicator is an affixed bump that alerts people with low vision or blindness that a drop-off is approaching. As a result, the visually impaired and blind will feel the indicators allowing them to stop before the staircase edge. At HDI we manufactured custom tactile indicators specially designed for this building’s handrails to indicate a change in level between steps and stairs.

Optik Boss™ Guardrail w/ Tactile Indicator

HDI offers prefabricated and custom stair railing systems that help you achieve eco-friendly design objectives. Our sales and technical teams have installed thousands of custom railing systems around the world. Above all, we are ready to help you choose the right material and finish for your next railing system. At HDI we carry a comprehensive supply of products allowing faster delivery schedules for projects requiring shorter lead times.

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your next building design project.

For more information on HDI’s state-of-the-art railing systems please contact Neil Andrews, National Sales Manager,  Phone: (+44) 7383 436490 today.


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