Optik™ Shoe and Circum™ Round selected for Bet Rivers Casino

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Rivers Casino Portsmouth, Virginia’s first full-service permanent casino, offers guests a full range of amenities, including a casino, poker room, BetRivers Sportsbook, TopGolf, conference venues, and premier restaurants. However, the casino industry faces numerous challenges, including rising competition, regulatory changes, and evolving customer preferences. Balancing aesthetics and practicality is essential when designing a visually appealing space that is easy for customers to navigate.

Railing System: Optik™ Shoe & Circum™ Round
Location:  Portsmouth, VA
Architect: Klai Juba Wald
Contractor:  Walker & Laberge Glass Company

To improve the customer experience and meet regulatory requirements, Rivers Casino Portsmouth sought a railing system that could enhance safety while also delivering a bespoke, refined, and tailor-made result. Architects Klai Juba Wald needed a railing supplier that could meet the casino industry’s unique demands, and facilitate an outcome that met regulatory requirements.

Effective railing systems play a critical role in creating a secure and safe environment for guests in the casino industry. In fact, a study by the National Center for Responsible Gaming found that 68% of respondents rated safety and security as significant when choosing a casino, highlighting the importance of creating a safe and secure space for guests.

According to a report by the National Safety Council, slips, trips, and falls are the leading cause of nonfatal injuries in the hospitality and leisure industry. Effective railing systems can help prevent these types of accidents and contribute to an overall safer environment for guests, ultimately enhancing their experience and contributing to the casino’s overall success.

To create a custom-tailored and decorative approach, Bet River Casino’s architect, Klai Juba Wald, turned to HDI Railing Systems. Optik™  Shoe and Circum™ Round railing systems offer the casino interior a sleek and modern design that enhances the overall look and feel while providing the necessary safety and security features. When it comes to a project’s efficiency, a railing system needs to meet an architect’s design standards and be code compliant. Choosing a pre-engineered railing system like Optik™ Shoe and Circum™ streamlines the process of navigating the nuances of maintaining quality control without sacrificing customization.

HDI Railings worked closely with Walker & Laberge Glass Company to deliver a customized railing solution for Bet Rivers Casino that surpassed the casino’s expectations. Dean Kidd, Project Manager at Walker & Laberge Co Inc, praised HDI’s professionalism and excellence in the glass rail industry, noting that “HDI’s professionalism and excellence in the glass rail industry stood out on the Rivers Casino project. Their post-rail system, gate system, and custom glass rail were all delivered on time and functioned perfectly in this high-end casino atmosphere. HDI’s team helped Walker & Laberge complete the project ahead of schedule, while support with submittals and change orders made the process seamless. The team at Walker & Laberge recognizes and appreciates HDI’s commitment to excellence.”

High-performance railing systems not only provide necessary safety features but can also enhance the overall design aesthetic, further contributing to the casino’s success. “We’re grateful to the community and to our Team Members for their support, and we’re looking forward to launching this strong economic engine for the region,” said Tim Drehkoff, CEO of Rivers Casino Portsmouth and Rush Street Gaming. If you’re looking to create a truly memorable experience for your customers, consider working with a reliable and experienced railing system supplier that understands the unique needs of your industry.

HDI Railings provides pre-engineered ornamental railing systems for commercial and residential applications. HDI has been specified for railings on projects worldwide, including corporate offices, hospitals, airports, universities, and museums. We have supplied railings to the headquarters of major companies such as Twitter, Google, and Coca-Cola. Bets Rivers Casino is now added to this impressive list.

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