SUNY Buffalo selects Optik railing for new science facility

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SUNY Buffalo State completed their three-phase renovation project consolidating multiple science departments into a single facility in 2019. In the third and final phase of renovations, architecture firm CannonDesign renovated the campus’s science facility to both consolidate science departments and allow for greater interdisciplinary collaboration. CannonDesign turned to HDI for an Optik Boss railing system that would elevate the science building’s elegant aesthetic and contribute LEED credits to their LEED Gold Certification.

Railing System: Optik Boss railing system
Location: Buffalo, New York
Architect: CannonDesign
Contractor: TGR Enterprises

Unveiled in 2019, SUNY Buffalo State’s new facility boasts a footprint of approximately 124,000 square feet and has achieved LEED Gold certification. “We utilized multiple avenues to achieve certification such as daylighting, water efficiencies and responsible materials,” says Frank Sica, AIA, CannonDesign project manager. HDI creates products and enacts processes that, as part of an environmentally sustainable construction plan, can earn your project LEED credit. Optik Boss can be specified with AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel composed of 45% to 65% recycled material, which earn LEED credits for use of a recycled material.

The ultra-minimalist appearance of the Optik Boss railing system is the perfect complement to the newly designed atrium where science is on display. The sleek railing system is enhanced with 13/16” laminated glass which features 20% post-industrial cullet (recycled glass). The glass infill panels allow light to flow through the lobby area highlighting the beautiful spherical globe monument. The second-floor balcony railing creates a feeling of airy spaciousness with unobstructed views providing a sleek backdrop for the variety of science on display in the lower atrium.

Scientific collaboration is already well underway at the SUNY Buffalo State’s new science facility. Students and staff will access new research labs, classrooms, lecture halls, and even a planetarium. For SUNY Buffalo State, the state-of-the-art facility will add the necessary tools to encourage higher quality learning and student retention. When building professionals need a railing system that can keep up with industry demands they turn to HDI.


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