Optik Boss for Twitter’s Global Headquarters

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Twitter enables anyone, anywhere, to share messages and communicate with the world via tweets. It is one of the most widely used communication devices available today with over 326 million people using it every month.  So, when HDI was selected to provide the HDI Optik Boss glass balustrade system for their San Francisco HQ we too, felt the urge to tell the world!

Twitter selected the legendary Art-Deco style Market Square Complex in San Francisco for their new headquarters. The new space provides ample room for the creative company to unfurl their personality. Yoga studios interspersed with conference rooms. Arcades alongside collaboration space. The Iconic Twitter bird emblazoned on original 1937 stonework. Work meets play. New meets old. The Twitter headquarters tells the story of the innovative company and its culture.

“The Commons”, part cafeteria — part meeting space, serves as a main hub in the Twitter headquarters. Throughout the day, the Commons allows employees to refuel with a variety of cuisine or breakout into an on-the-spot collaboration. Architects at Lundberg Design and IA Interior Architects saw the Commons’ wrap-around staircase and balcony. Immediately they recognized the need for a world-class railing system to match. They brought in HDI.

The railing system needed to be durable to protect the 800 Twitter employees who would congregate daily in the Commons. Yet, the railing system also needed to make an aesthetic statement about the synergy of old and new, written carefully throughout the building’s design.

HDI collaborated with Twitter and the two architecture firms to select the minimalist Optik Boss railing system. The stainless-steel Optik Boss system attaches the transparent glass infill to the wrap-around balcony and stairway. The balcony overlooks the expansive Commons on several sides—without distraction. The Optik Boss creates an open space with a futuristic aesthetic complementing the design approach of old meeting new. However, incorporating the contemporary system into a structure built before World War II presented a few construction challenges. Furthermore, the timeline for the headquarters was tight. To meet the deadline, HDI worked diligently and communicated with their partners on the project.

The Optik Boss was completed and installed on time. The architects and the social media giant agreed; the railing system looked and performed phenomenally. Installed recently by HDI’s division in the USA, Twitter’s railing solution provides an open look to the interior space helping creative people with forward-thinking ideas.

The Twitter headquarters made headlines, in a variety of different publications. Architectural journals discussed the unique style and business magazines underscored the city’s growth. The story was told throughout the world. HDI feels proud to have added their voice.

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