Vanderbilt Divinity School selects Kubit railing for the main staircase

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Vanderbilt Divinity School

After three years in the making, Vanderbilt Divinity School recently unveiled an environmentally friendly addition to their campus. Built to serve as a welcoming gathering place for the community, HDI railings played an integral part in bringing the vision for an accessible and distinguishable main entrance and lobby to life.

Railing System: Kubit railing system
Location: Vanderbilt Divinity School, Nashville, TN
Architect: Gilbert McLaughlin Casella Architects
Contractor: Orion Building Corp

Unveiled in September 2019, the three-story, 1,300 square metre facility includes a contemporary multi-faith chapel and terrace, five classrooms featuring smart technology, as well as expanded and updated conference rooms, and office space. The addition serves as home to students preparing for ministry in the oldest interdenominational school in the South which first opened its doors in 1875.

HDI’s Kubit™ railings were chosen for the building’s main stairwell, providing a crucial transitional space for the collaborative learning facility. The Kubit Railing system’s glass infill panels allow natural light to flood the Divinity Schools stairwell.

To meet the architect’s vision, HDI engineered the Kubit system with a solid wood handrail and stainless steel intermediate supports. The solid wood handrail is an oak wood species with dark cherry stain. The wood rail pairing pays compliment to the Divinity School’s use of repurposed materials and other environmental features.

Kubit railing system’s supports are based on a single rectangular profile used throughout the system from posts to wall mount supports, ensuring a coordinated minimalist design. Mechanical connections hidden from view ensure a design that is as practical and functional as it is elegant. All railings are fully assembled in our factory and then deconstructed into fully assembled sections to ensure efficient, error-proof installation.

The railing posts are constructed from a single flat 51mm x 13mm 304 stainless steel true bar with a brushed 240 grain finish. Post connections are side mounted. The stainless steel stairwell materials combined with the  oak wood top railing will help the Divinity School earn LEED Silver design status.

HDI’s durable, modern, and compliant stairwell solutions will enable Vanderbilt to serve Divinity School students, staff, and visitors for years to come. Beyond the campus, the Divinity School building will further remind visitors of the school’s long-held tradition of ministry and social justice in the Nashville community.

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